Sunday, April 26, 2009

Radix HPA - refresh your tastebud

on friday night, since we have no better thing to do, and salary just came in, so its time empty our pocket before the month end again!?,

there is RADIX HPA restaurant/fast food outlet everywhere, its like a new phenomenon. Radix Era or something, as we always past by a HPA Restaurant, so today we decided to try a Radix Oriental Cuisine @ Sungai Petani (near Village Mall Area).

the ambiance is really nice, i was impress lah, at least there is improvement laaa, i took a few picture inside because i have to wait for a free table pulak, its full house!!.

The cashier

pathway to heaven of taste

we wait there like 15 minutes or so, nobody greet us or anything, everybody seems so busy with there work without noticing us there, macam buat tak nampak jaa, maybe because i'm wearing an old jeans kot, look so poor, so nobody noticed us, well anyway, we search for an empty table, sit there for sometime, and still nobody come to take order or anything, not a good experience, so we decided to go to other places that can serve food faster and better.

well, we discussed, my wife would like to try RFC (Radix Fried Chicken) again. we tried RFC before but frankly the taste not to my liking, but it was long time ago, maybe they have made a changes / upgrade the taste and service. so off we go to RFC

ordered Spicy chicken

and again i try the RFC, giving RFC a second chance, but still, there is no changes, still the same, the chicken is ok laa, crispy, weel cooked (no blood found) . but the coleslaw, the bun, wip potato, the taste not to par to KFC. i expect if not better than KFC, at least at par with KFC, the coleslaw, the mixture of mayonis is to watery, that it not stick to the cabbage, wip potato to hard, the gravy is too strong with herb, and the bun is cold, the kfc bun is a bit warm if you notice,
so my result, the RFC is not to my liking, until they upgrade their food, i wont be back in the near future.

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