Thursday, April 16, 2009

a day in penang

so we continue the story "a day in penang". since i have a Computer Programming course in penang, i have to wake up early in the morning to drive alone from alor star to penang. start my journey at 7am, driving my SLK cruising down the highway. a smooth ride from alor star to penang, until i reach the penang bridge. darn, slow flow of traffic from one end to another. i have a little cramp on my leg as well. double dang!

the congestion is due to 1 lane closed for maintenance ( I took picture while driving, Kids, dont do this at home)

Well, after all the cramp and sesat few times, i managed to arrived at Suntech@penang half hour earlier. started the course at 9:30am. manage to take few picture inside the building. i think the building is new since there still few place to rent. manage to take picture of the building, the sky terrace and also the toilet, heh, toilet also wanna take picture, apa punya olang, ini kampung punya olang ini

sky terrace, (smoking zone)

Sky Terrace

Sky Terrace - water cascade

Toilet well maintained , with auto flush function

very clean laa, maybe because talak olang guna kot

tap with sensor, sensor tap was first introduce in shah alam mosque,
toilet also now use technology, haih, later if the sensor rosak, have to fork out lots of money to change pulak, later didnt change like shah alam mosque, everything out of oder, mau basuh tangan pun susah! haih

Luckily my charm have brought me meeting new friend, (Charm konon, hehe) he's an IT Officer of Penang Port, we jalan jalan and he bawak me go makan at a famous Chicken Rice shop , not that Chicken Rice Shop, this is another version of Chicken rice shop, check picture below

Nazir Cafeteria - Selling a nice chicken rice "nasik ayam" - famous nasik ayam in penang and some say in pulau jerejak too! hehehe, so, without any further delay, i terus order the famous nasik ayam, and it look like this

this is the chicken, they mixed all the ketchup, the chili and veggy all in one plate,quite big potionlah the chicken

this is the rice portion, look a bit dull, have to put more lipstick lahhh to attract people, maybe put a carrot yang diracik racik halus, to bring more colour, baru meriah beb!
anyway, the taste is ok, i've tasted better, but ok laa this one, i prefer Chicken rice at shah alam, Nasik ayam pak mal tau? itu memang superb! hehe, anyway, not bad laa this one, but the price, haihhh, RM5 per serving, which i think quite expensive lah, but who to complaint, got aircond and all, so kira ok ok lah, hehe, you guys must try lah this chicken rice, not bad after all

after the course finish, i pusing pusing with my new friend, before drop him at ferry terminal, we stop at the must eat Sup Urat place "Restoran hameed" i forgot to take the picture of the shop, biasalah, bila perut sudah kenyang, hati pun banyak senang, haha

for anyone who dont know how Urat (vein) look like, here's the picture, its the crunchy/liat (i dont know what is liat in english) part of the meat, so its have less saturated fat, the gravy all i makan habis already, only left the urat to take picture, really sedap lah

i wish i can do this trip more often laa, with me alone on the weel, i feel so much freedom and so free, i can go where i want, dont have to go to hypermarket sales or windows shopping, just lepak mamak and check out the girls passing by, shiooook woooo,
and another thing, i hope my wife didnt read this entry, heh heh :P

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