Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ikan Bakar Warung Mak Njang, Tanjung Dawai

On last weekend, on friday night, we went to Tanjung Dawai Kedah to jalan jalan cari makan and end up at this famous (some say famous laa) Ikan Bakar Place

this is the collection of fresh fish for you to choose,

Sotong goreng tepung. quite a big portion, crispy thats important, sometimes other shop not nice, they put too much flour then it become like sponge cake with squid inside already.this one just nice. we ate half already then only realise didnt take picture yet, hehe, sorry lah, very hungry laa at that time, bout 9 o'clock already

this one is kerang bakar, actually i dont like kerang, somemore grilled pulak, memang tak best. kerang bakar is kerang bakar, nothin fancy bout it.

tomyam campur (mixed with chicken, prawn, squid, meat and all the vege) this is a small portion for 2. my MIL (mother in law) said its very tasty, not too spicy, not too soury, just nice. actually, preffer more spicy and more soury, heh heh, i'm the opposite of her,get it?

this is ikan terubuk bakar, actually i preffer sweet and sour fish, but my MIL wanted to have ikan terubuk bakar without any sauce on it, so, here it is. its look dull, but taste quite nice, but little bit dry because no sauce on it.

and here is all the menu for 4 person. pluss drinks and another bowl of laksa, the total is RM72, other said the price is cheap, but for a calculative person like me, hey, thats damn pricey, heh heh heh

Short Talk:
i did a marathon movie last weekend, later when have time will share it with you guys
the movie i watch:
- Crank 2: high Voltage
- Slumdog Millionaire
- Punisher WarZone
- Confesshion of A Shopaholic
- Zack And Miri Make A Porno
- Marley & Me
- Bride Wars
- Fast And Furios 4
- Yes Man
so i'll post and entry bout it later, i know its quite old and been release for quite sometime, but the review is on my perspective, heh heh, a person who really like to watch movie 24 hours a day,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Free Tickets: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

i have an invitation to watch Transformer 2 - revenge of the fallen at Gurney Plaza. but the thing is i'm working on that day. i'm sharing this invitation so all of you could apply and watch the movie for free

If you have been waiting in anticipation to hit the cinema for the next blockbuster movie in town, now is the time! Exabytes is proud to announce the arrival of another round of our private movie screening for you movie addicts out there!

So! Are you ready to rumble with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Trax, Beat, Volt, and Centennial?
Then go on and get your dose of a blockbuster movie now!

Date: 28 June 2009 (Sunday)
Time : 11:20 am
Venue: GSC Gurney Plaza Penang.

if you want to know more info on how to grab your free tickets, click Here

**2 Free Tickets per invitation

Hard Rock Hotel, Bali

Price: RM330 per night
Location: Kuta Beach Bali
Extra: A Lot - check below

Hard Rock Hotel is the most attractive place to stay in Bali, it have all the things you need for your vacation, you name it, Huge pool, Spa, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Gymnasium, Outdoor Adventure, Pub/Disco ( In house), Live Band, Music Museum, everything is here. and its always crowded here. by the way, lets just check out the picture since this entery have issue because i unable to rid out the underline text on this entery, i dont know what happened. sigh!

Location Map, just opposite Kuta beach, the beach is like 200 meter from the lobby

Big guitar on the enterance (on the left pics from google, the right one the pic i took)

Hard Rock Spa and Gym

They have their own radio station, kewl!

Guitar and celebrities accessories museum all over the hotel

Shop selling Hard Rock Merchandise

Check out the rooms

now we come to the best part, the biggest pool in Bali! Hard Rock Hotel Pools!

pools overlooking Kuta Beach

they have sandy pool too! very kewl, make you feel that you actually on a beach

pool at night

private hut

hidden Water slide

they also have these promo, a few that i snap

last but not least, if all the above still didnt get you attention, i think below will definitely make you stop blinking, heh heh, a "dugong" having a massage
- scroll below-

info: if you happened to be in bali for business or pleasure and you have extra money, do try out the Hard Rock Hotel. for RM330 per night, its bang for bucks. eventhough its crowded, but its where people want to be. best place to be in bali. thats all ya. do leave any comment or question.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Melasti Beach and Spa Resort, Bali

Location: Padma Street, Bali (infront of Grand Indah Hotel)
Price: RM190 per night / Deluxe room
Extra: Direct access to Beach,Huge swimming pool, 50% off voucher Melasti Spa

The Lobby , full of "jati"

The Room/ bed

small tv

small room for smoking, veranda alike/function

toilet with bathtub , its kinda old and rusty

Huge pools

this hotel is a traditional/balinese concept hotel. its kinda old. i prefer a modern concept because its fresh and have more/better accessories/item such as big tv and cozy bed. but if you like a balinese concept, this hotel suite you best. it have easy/direct access to beach. have 3 pools, 2 huge and 1 for kids. for your info, bali's beach not suitable for swimming because it have big waves, thats why people prefer to use swimming pool.

**i'll continue later, its hot in this restaurant, they give free internet access but they dont event have a working ceiling fan, darn, its superrr hot i cant even finish this entry, see you guys tomorrow

Grand Sinar Indah Hotel, Bali

Location: Along Padma Street, Bali
Price: RM150 per night / deluxe room
extra: swimming Pool / Spa

Hotel Grand Sinar Indah is a modern style hotel. really cozy place to stay in Bali. here some picture

The Grand Sinar Indah

The counter

Small Lobby

Nice setting on the lobby

Water cascade in front of the lobby

the pool, its quite small, but at least there is a pool

Spa facilities
Now we move inside... the room

big cozy bed

Big size flat screen CRT TV

The bathroom

Bath Tub

Sorry its my habit to take toilet picture, to show how clean or dirty certain hotel's toilet

The View from my room's veranda, another hotel with big pool

opposite, a pub, with live band

buffet breakfast, pork free, at night, at the same place, they have the famous grilled pork or the local called it "babi guling", heh heh

more info bout this hotel, if you need a clean new look, modern hotel, this is the one, but on the ugly side, there is no elevator, so you have to climb the stair to reach the 1st or 2nd floor.
the staff is not so friendly, breakfast buffet only have tea and coffee, there is no fresh orange when i request one, but i doubt how the australian family get their fresh orange, duhhh, double standard.

Tips: for better price, do book the hotel online, of course its much cheaper