Monday, April 27, 2009

How to build the Bridge!??

The minister need to build a new bridge as a second bridge and decided to call a few contractor from Korea, America and from malaysia itself,

they have discussed and offer their price

1) Korean Man said, 'I build 2nd bridge need 300K; 100K for material, 100K for handwork, 100K for profit.'

2) American Man said, 'I build 2nd bridge need 600K; 200K for material, American's material da best, 200K for handwork, American's handwork da best, 200K for profit, American's living standard high.'

3) Malaysian Man said, 'I build 2nd bridge need 900K…'

The Minister asked, 'Why yours so expensive?'

4) Malaysian Man answered, 'I take 300K, you take 300K, the balance 300K give Korean Man to build the bridge…'

hehehe, this is what usually happened here, lol


The Aminos said...

Truly Malaysian

Pjan said...

alif min nun wau..hahaha.but my question is who is that malaysian man?. kewl

Pjan said...

hehehe aku dah letak link ang dah kat blog aku..kan kat kenangan tuh ada link ang

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

hehe, tenkiu tenkiu,

By the way, i like to be that malaysian lah, can get profit banyak wohhh like that, hehe