Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Credit Card oh Credit Card

Have you ever used credit card?? I think most of you use credit card,


Normally, when we make payment, we will pay more / less few ringgits

or cents, right??

Have you ever seen when you under pay RM0.19 of the full payment, and

the bank charged you RM52.17 for interest charges??!!!

I been used credit card for about 10 years, this is the 1st time i

know that banker can charge u interest charges for the full amount if

you pay even 1 cent less !!!!??? This happened in THE WORLD LOCAL


Interest more heavier than LOAN SHARK!!!! charged RM52.17 for RM0.19,

is about 27457%!!!!!!

If based on this calculation, then when i pay RM6 extra, the bank

shall pay me RM1647, RIGHT??

(RM6 X 27457%)

I ask the HSBC staff for this , then he just keep silent.

Then i asked the same HSBC staff again, if this month i don't make the

payment for the RM0.19, IS HSBC GOING TO CHARGE ME ANOTHER RM52.17,

you just guess what the staff's answer?? He answered me "YES"!!!!!

I also under paid few ringgit for other bank credit card payment, but

they didn't impose any interest charges for the balance few ringgits /


see the attachment for the HSBC's statement & other bank's statement.

*** This is not my story, this is other people's story, its for our attention, do leave a comment if this true or not


The Aminos said...

That's why I think borrow from Ah Long better. Want to borrow money or not? 1 week only 15%. Interested contact me.

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

uih, kami bukan ah long, kami mau tolong, hehehe, scare later i have to pay it with my hand or leg pulak, hihi

Armetz said...

ya ya...i dun wan itik or ayam hanging in front of my door....aminos..baby sihat?

June said...

nanti aku check dengan laki aku nya statement..dia guna hsbc..bloody hell punya bank..

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