Thursday, April 9, 2009

another busy saturday

another story of my busy Saturday , another holiday goes by unnoticed,

started my day late, only after 10 i woke up. ughhh, another boring day in my mind. but i keep thinking, today going to penang, for terengganu fest festival at queensbay mall. hooray, at least something to keep me cheer up in the middle of this boring life.

packup all my things (actually my wife did that, i just being a boss asking my wife to pack this and that, kena scold pulak because being bossy, haha), pickup my kid at auntie house, and where are off!.

before going to penang, we went to stadium alor star. they a held a something to do with IPTA/IPTS for student to enroll program or something like that. i need to get some info regarding my further study, but to my frustration, there is no such program organised there, keep searching and asking people about that program, but it wasnt existed. it was advertise in the local paper earlier. darn, wasting my time only, what laa they all, anyway, since i was so lapar and angry, i drop by at the famous roti jalan at the stadium there, and bantai 2 roti jala with durian flavoured gravy, fuhhh, delicous i tell you, memang kena cuba ni.

so dissapointed with the non existance program, i start my journey to penang, it is a long journey since i drive my SLK to penang, slow and steady, i think i only arrived at penang at 4:30, perut lapar again, so makan McD, only after that baru pergi itu Terengganu fest , picture as below (soli aa, picture not that nice, taken using handphone cikai only)

Artis - Anis Suraya singing

terengganu local made Handicraft

Songket Unplugged! hehe

My sweety take a picture with traditional dress women

i met my friend suthakar there, he'e the event organiser, and he's a very busy man.
after awhile, my leg become tired to walk here and there following my wife windows shopping, then i decided to go to our favourite Soup Stall, - Sup Hameed.

Sup hameed restourant located at penang road, opposite the malaysia hotel. i love the soup! very tasty! i usually order Soup Urat! (how to translate to english? Vein Soup? hehe, nevermind) it comes with a roti banggali, its not like roti gardenia, a bit different, old timer used to have this kind of roti banggali before the roti gardenia took place, here is the picture to the infamous soup hameed!

it looked tasty, it taste even better of course! i choose soup urat as the vein have less saturated fat in it unlike the other beef parts, yummy!

after that, we decided to stay at tune hotel since the price is very cheap and we do have heart to go to work on sunday, just plain malas! hehe,with fee rm0.05 cent a night!! do you guys believe it? wow, super low, that what i call super low price, haha. tune hotel just opened their operation in downtown penang, so guys, hurry up and grab it while it last. try to get a room, but its fully booked, well, its saturday night, what can we expect! party and a room to crash after a wild party? its sounds match toghether,

so with no cheap place to crash, we headed home and arrived at home at 12:30, and have to wake up early on sunday to work! what a like!

tips: for anybody out there going to queensbay mall, and you park you car at the eleveted car park, do park your car at south zone. never park your car at center zone, they only have 1 lift, you have to wait for i dont know how long laaa, what laaa. but at south zone, they have like 4-6 lift at one place, and the lift can talk somemore, wow, talking about technology,
usually center zone should have more lift laa, since center is the middle and the most attraction, why laa they all can never think like me! hahaha, i suka cari gado one!

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