Sunday, April 12, 2009

Funny photo

errr, as i browse the internet, i found funny funny picture, some of them very old picture, some are new picture, as people said, picture show thousand word! err, is it correct aa? sound a little bit weird pulak, rasa macam tak betul, anyway, feel free to comment

TAAB with big alienated shades. looks cute lah, ini sapa punya kerja ini buat super imposed,

TAAB with punk style - aiyoo friend, sapa buat ini photoshop/super imposed, tarak baik laa fren,

errr, did you notice words Dungun become "Dungu" hehehe, cameraman took a very nice one lah, credit for you, heh heh

this is different story, they said got ghost picture inside the dark tunnel there, donno laa, maybe photoshop one, now days cannot tell which one is ori or not. (click picture to enlarge)

Moral of the story: dont laa photoshop other ppl picture, like Pak lah, not good laa you all, but anyway i had a good laugh, hehe


The Aminos said...

Don't say other people modified the photos lah, I think your are the one did all the photos.

Tak takut kena ISA ker??

koh keh koh keh

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

not me lah bro, i dont event know how to use microsoft paint, hehe