Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is what we called a really good event

Anybody have a good thing to share? I do! I had a wonderful day and full of fun. I want to share with you guys of the event I went on last Saturday at Sungei Wang Plaza / Bintang Walk. I think this event was held purely just to entertain people. There were a lot of celebrity doing live performance. Such as:



Sheila OIAM

Dafi,Mila and afiq


And few other popular celebrities.

The DJ for that day is Anne from Hot FM, its her new hairstyle, no wonder she look so cute!!! I loike! Muachss!

Also the Hit.FM DJ – JJ and Eian

There were also karaoke booths. It was especially for anybody who want to karaoke the “through my window” song.

Online dancing game

Microphone Man

Also a very interesting performance by kl stomper (if I’m not mistaken) it is like the stop the yard movie. They use all sort of tools and equipment such as empty bottle, a broom, dustbin and everything. I was so shock that they can create a very nice music from the ordinary household equipment. This is something really new and some more live!
Here is their performance

The event was successfully held and I really really wish they will bring a lot of event like that again in future. Thank you all! It was a great event to crash!

the crowd!

The Microphone Man!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I need to Connect!

What to do on weekend? What to do when you don’t have any plan in your head? Very boring lah. All my friend busy with work, so cannot kacau kacau them lah, instead I must create my own plan, a very good and sudden plan. What else to do other then go eat eat or watch movie or maybe do both? Yeap, that is exactly what I have in mind. Let us watch movie to kill some time. I’m really interested in watching 2012 – this is said the movie of the year. You know why? Because of the special effect used it this film was said at its best they said, and the most talked of all is the story of Mayan tribe that forecast on worlds doomsday. Scary huh? Wait until you watch that movie, then only you know what the meaning of it. Pure adrenalin lah.

Anyway, that is not what I want to blog about, the movie is superb yes it is, but there is something going on, something happened before the movie even started. At first its freak me out. Yeah, who didn’t freak out when everyone in the cinema suddenly stand up. I thought the Armageddon is here or what, but lucky its not :P. actually every body stand up and sing the famous, hot and catchy song this year I must say. Through my windows of cos. It is the advertisement before the movie start. Everyone stand up and sing to the song, this is totally a flash mob.

Everyone stand up and sang the song

The paper boy on the big screen. You look so cute!

It comes with lyrics, just like a karaoke session, yeah a session of hundred in one time, so happy!

See!, everybody was so happy and enjoy it very much no race barrier at all, really 1 Malaysia lah! Hehe, we should do this really often, yeah, really!

Like the words on the screen. It is so true that “connection make anything possible” we need “connection” to get a job, or doing business or just about anything we need to connect people, we need to connect!

If you want to connect more, do check out the website,

By the way, for your SPM student, I don’t think there is any soalan bocor SPM there, hee hee. Good luck to you all!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Day

Currently at Marina Cove Resort, Teluk Batik, Lumut Perak. we are having office family day here, nice place to relax. i'll blog bout this family day trip here soon, and a variety of food here. will blog about Mee Banjir Udang, you dont want to miss this one, trust me

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear All - Very very sorry

Dear All, i'm very very sorry unable to update my humble blog, reason being very busy lately lah, busy with work, what else. its end of year, so have to clear all the bad log and everything. further more i have to handle few trip for family day and benchmarking program. my colleague and i arrange family day trip to Marina Cove lumut. then i have to arrange another trip to either Kuching or KK. and apart from that i have to settle all my back log stuff, haihh, very busy, will blog again very soon with alot of great stuff to put in blog, yeah

Monday, November 9, 2009

I need to connect "Through My Window"

X’mas still a month away. I need something to do lah, very boring. I need an activity, a party perhaps! Searching and asking friends about any happening event coming our way or not. Impossible there is no event at all right. As long as the event have loud and nice song, great emcee, cool DJ, a lot of activities, then that party is worth to crash right!

My friend informed me that there will be a huge event waiting for us just around the corner. This huge event will be held at Sungai Wang Main Enterance on 21st November. I’m not sure what event is this but you can check all the info at . As stated in the website there will be a bunch of artist there as well as whole lot of activities. Don’t worry guys, I know you are bit lazy to check right, but don’t worry, I’ll list all the artist and the activities here in my blog, the least thing you can do is read this entry until the end and belanja me teh tarik ya!

Ok, I tell you what activities waiting for us there, as stated in the website, there will be sing along karaoke, yeahhh. Who think they got sweet nice voice, can give it a try, if not, please don’t try karaoke, we don’t want to party in the rain (if you know what I mean). Also who know maybe there are producer who looking for a new band or singer. Its worth a try and there will also be a group karaoke as well.

On that day also will be the Final stage for Super Virtual Dance Tournament. This virtual dance tournament has been going on all around Malaysia from 24 October 2009 at the selected Cyber Café. You can check the list of the Cyber Café @ everyoneconnect

Also there will be a stage performance by our own favourite artist. List as below








Wahhh, so many things to do there, so happening. I will definitely be there lah, no doubt bout it. I’ll see you guys there, for more info bout it, you can check out at .

I leave you guys with this cool music video. it’s the same Bunkface “Through My Windows” but its their version of it, sang by Tomok, Shila and group of mila, dafi and akim, check it out guys. personally i like Shila, her voice and her move look so chicky! hehe

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

why why why?

After spending time with Eve, Adam was walking in the Garden with God. Adam told God how much the woman means to him and how blessed he feels to have her. Adam began to ask questions about her.

Adam: Lord, Eve is beautiful. Why did you make her so beautiful?

God: So you will always want to look at her.

Adam: Lord, her skin is so soft. Why did you make her skin so soft?

God: So you will always want to touch her.

Adam: She always smells so good. Lord, why did you make her smell so good?

God: So you will always want to be near her.

Adam: That's wonderful Lord, and I don't want to seem ungrateful, but why did you make her so stupid?

God: So she would love you.


A man was strolling along the beach one day when he spotted a bottle washed up on the shore. He went over and picked it up, and noticed a message in the bottle. He popped the cork out and inside was a weathered treasure map indicating that there was buried treasure to be found in the shallow waters below. But the man thought it was a hoax, so he slipped the map back in and threw the bottle back into the ocean...

A little later, another man was walking along the beach and the bottle had washed upon the shore. He too picked up the bottle, popped out the cork, and found the treasure map.

his man, however, was curious enough to wade into the water and hoped it was buried shallow enough to find. But once the cold ocean waters reached up to his thighs, he decided to quit. "This is not worth it!" he thought to himself. So he scrambled back to shore and chucked the bottle back into the ocean.... A third man was walking by the beach and noticed the bottle washed upon the shore.

He went over, opened the bottle and found the map. The map looked authentic enough, and promised great treasure... So he got himself a small raft and set out into the ocean to claim the treasure..he rowed out far enough into the ocean where the "X" on the map was and to his surprise, he saw the glint of something shining in the waters below..he dove into the ocean and swam towards the shining object below..
He could see that there was something that looked like a treasure chest, but he couldn't quite reach it and the deeper he went, the greater the cold and pressure on his body and his mind..," I am about to lose my breath, and the longer I take, my raft might be swept away!", he thought. So the man decided to give up the hunt so he would ensure his own life and safety..when he reached the shore once more, he took the bottle from the raft and tossed it back into the ocean...

Finally, one more man was walking along the beach. He noticed the bottle, went over, popped it open, and was excited to find a map promising great treasure. He noticed someone had left a raft by the water's edge, so he took it and paddled out.

He too, got far enough to where the "X" marks the spot, and squinted into the waters and saw the shadow and glint of the treasure below. He took a deep breath and plunged into the waters. Like the man before him, the cold, darkness and pressure upon his senses increased as he got closer. He also realized that if he kept swimming, that he might lose his breath, the raft, and even his own life! But this treasure could be worth all the risk and he persisted. Just as he was about to give up, he grabbed the long chain that was binding the chest and pulled it up along with himself back to the surface.
He broke the surface of the water gasping and exhausted but with the treasure chest safely in his grasp. He paddled back to the shore, opened up the treasure chest and found what the map had promised--gold, and precious diamonds and jewels that would make him secure for the rest of his life.


A relationship with God is a similar treasure hunt. People hear the same message, but the way they receive it will determine the reward they might find. Eternal life is waiting for all those who are willing to take that risk to follow God all the way of life, where we find love, forgiveness and life everlasting. ... For eternity.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Manjung here i come

im on my way to manjung perak. got 2 day course there, never been there, but i've plan to stop at kuala sepetang to try their famouse mee udang banjir. other than that, what else i can do or any interesting places there to visit? do inform me ya, thanks