Monday, September 12, 2011

MONA VIE - health drink with a funny name

have you heard the health drink called MonaVie? it is reported very good product to use for health. it is said can treat all kinds of diseases. the price? price range from RM110 - RM14o.said that it can treat various diseases of severe illness such as cancer, until the common diseases such as hemorrhoids, stress, gum disease, allergic to seafood and more.
anyone who might have tried the product may leave comment so that we can share a pro and Cons of this product.

and thank you for viewing

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a new star is born - Samsung Galaxy S 2

the long awaited samsung galaxy s II will reach to our shore very soon.powered with dual core processor, Samsung Galaxy S II is the best phone to own (people said lah). its equipped with Super AMOLED Plus Display - meaning, the display used LED technol, which is last longer, and energy efficient, sharp and vibrant display. This phone also used all the latest technology, such as multi touch input, Full HD 1080 recording, Swype technology keyboard input and so on, you can check the full spec here
the price of the phone is yet to be announced here in malaysia, its said to be launch by the end of June this year. Maxis telco announced that they offer the phone with attractive package, but the price is not yet confirm.

you can take a peek at Maxis Samsung Galaxy s Promo Here

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Serangan Hackers keatas Server Kerajaan Malaysia ( dirancang pada 15-17 Jun 2011

GCERT memaklumkan ada pihak pihak yang tidak bertanggung jawab telah merancang untuk menyerang server server kerajaan Malaysia -Domain . Serangan tersebut dirancang pada 15-17 Jun. pihak GCERT telah mengambil langkah berjaga-jaga dengan memaklumkan kepada semua kakitangan IT kerajaan agar memastikan tindakan pengukuhan ke atas server server di agensi seperti :

a) Mengaktifkan intrusion prevention system (IPS) dan membuat pemantauan rapi terhadap aktiviti/trafik rangkaian;

b) Membuat semakan konfigurasi firewall bagi memastikan ianya hanya membenarkan perkhidmatan (port) yang dibenarkan sahaja;

c) Memasang security patch pada semua server & peralatan rangkaian; dan

d) Memastikan perisian antivirus dikemaskini dan diaktifkan.

tak pasti pulak pihak mana yang ingin melakukan serangan tersebut, kalau betul betul nak buat, takkan lah nak heboh kat orang ramai, confirm lah prevention system akan diketatkan, mungkin just kabar angin, tapi kalau serangan dilakukan juga nanti, hebat betul lah mamat mamat tu, mamat mamat tu berjaya menyebabkan staff IT di agensi jadi kelam kabut nak update patch dan configuration semuanya dalam masa 1 hari, hehe, cara yang paling baik ialah, tutup jerr server pada hari tersebut, 3 hari cuti!!!! takpayah kerja, server down, hihihi

German Bean Sprout - source of E-Coli Outbreak

Bean Sprout has been confirmed as the source of E-coli Outbreak in Europe. E-coli death toll rises to 36 people. the bean sprout is said to be produce from an organic farm in Germany. few country had banned the vegetable from Germany as precaution/protection from the e-coli outbreak.

Monday, June 13, 2011

People Can Definitely Change

it is true! people can definitely change. the best is, people can definitely change very fast from good to worst, it can happen in a blink of an eye. there is alot of evidence and witness in this matter, yes its true. the worst part is it takes alot of effort and time for people to change from bad to a good person, how come lehh?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

work hard never killed anybody, but why take a chance?

been so bored in the office, everything seem so different now. the atmosphere seem to different, maybe its because of the new style, or is it because people always stab others back? its so hard to maintain your work momentum when somebody will eventually stab your back. how can you handle the back stabber? avoid them? bash them up? or be friend with them? people have been so hard on each others this day. this is not a place for me, full stop!

Journey that will never end

hello guys, i've been missing for quite sometimes, and now i'm back, so many interesting to share so many things to talk about.

maybe here i can find my peace and freedom......... of speech! heeehhh.