Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Friday Story - a boring story

Time so short when you are very busy, talking bout busy, i want to write what i did own friday. friday and saturday,it is holiday/weekend for kedah, but time fly so fast, didnt have time to being lazy at home. so i want to list down what i did on friday first.

6:30 am woke up, and prepare to go to immigration perlis

8:30 start our journey to perlis, drive slowly, still sleepy, donno what time reach kangar, maybe 10 something, search for the immigration building to request for international passport.

10 something : found the immigration building, met the immigration staff, she informed that the picture we bring is not what is requested by the authority, its to small or something, so we headed out to search for the photo shop to snap our picture. the shop provided us with 4 picture each and a small cd contain our picture, so nice lah, but the price is rm12, abit pricey,

11 something: reach to immigration building, get the que number, and waiting and waiting for our turn, about 12:15 noon, the officer inform us the system currently offline due to some technical error, aiyah, how come pulak, i ask him what time the system will be online, he informed after friday prayer the system will be ok. (aikss, macam tipuu saja ini cerita) i guess they just turn the system off so they can take a rest lah, confirm lah ini!
people waiting for their number called out

1:30 - friday prayer at a mousque near polis station

2:15 - back to immigration building, the sign still show offline, and the front desk personel informing all the customer the system still offline, we insist to stay inside and waiting the system to be online. we are the only customer waiting there. at 2:30 only then the staff call us to submit the form. and at 3:30 we receive our international passport. actually the passport service very fast but the waiting time is too much! but, nothing can be done, all government sector is like this, cannot change already.

see, orang pun tarak, aihh

4:30 - its raining heavily at perlis, and i thought my hometown also heavily rain so i cannot open stall at "uptown" style bazaar at my place. called my cousin and she informed that no rain at my place, so i have to rush back to open my stall lah, haihhh. if its raining, i dont have to open stall, i can go to danok and have a massage, long time didnt have my back rub lahhh, rindu pulak, i definitley going to have a massage next week, cannot tahan edi. so i ruch back to my place, hampir hampir sampai my place, the wind blow very kuat, and its start to raining , aiyaaa. alamak, now rugi already, cannot open stall, somemore cannot have massage, double rugi, so lepak at house only lah.
aiyahh, lupa mau story, before reach home we stop at kedai jual pokok aaa, banyak pokok sanaa, aiyah,

cantekkkkknya flowerrrrrrrrrrr,

Funny and really weird kind of three lah,

this one cantik jugak, lurus macam tiang letrik

6:30 - since my place pendang raining heavily, so nothing to do at house, my wife and i pusing pusing and went to pasar malam alor star at taman what i forgot already, nilai or what, nevermnind lah,

donno what time i reach home and cousin ask me to open stall pulak because hujan sudah tarak! aiya, tired already, then open stall selling few things, untung pun tarak, at midnite baru balik rumah tidor, haihhh, what a boring life,

below few stuff i'm selling

small-small stuff for children

Flowers, ini bunga hidup tau, banyak cantik, banyak murahh!

Krim/Tonik Rambut Zulaikha -aku stokis untuk kawasan utara

Bantal kabu original, tarak camporr punyaa

Kerongsang Batu Besar, murah murah lelongg

ini pun perfume i jual murah murah, yaa yaa, very murahh

boring story right!
guys, thats is my boring life, anybody want to swap"?


Armetz said...

abang...minyak senyonyong ada dak??

The Aminos said...

Banyaknye barang, boleh buka super mini market ni.

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

armetz- minyak lintah dengan gambir sarawak pun ada, cuma tak letak dalam web ajolah, malu den, hihi

the aminos- barang banyak, tapi orang yang nak beli tarak, aduhhhh,

June said...

bantai kabu tu sebijik berapa hengget??? kalau 5 hengget aku beli la..aku memerlukan bantal nih..amet..bila hang nk balik? aku nak beli bantai kat jaown..bagi la bisnes kat kawan kawan

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

aduhh, 5 hengget mau tutup kedai ini macam, hehehe

Armetz said...

june apa kena mengena aku balik ngan ang bli bantai...
orang tak bli sebab bukan awek cun yang duk juai..cuba ang carik awek manis sorang tolong jaga n juai barang2 tuh...kompom laku..