Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy new year Maal Hijrah to All muslim

Happy new year to all muslim, wish all have completed their last year resolution and can proceed with new one for this year. For those who still not yet completed their last year resolution, then need to complete it ASAP, don't be like me, still carry the same resolution for over 4 year already, haihhhhh, what to do :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday – EveryOneConnects.net is One Years Old!

Happy Happy Birthday to EveryoneConnects.net. for you guys who didn’t know what is Everyoneconnect.net is about, then you have to go to the portal itself lah and check it out @ http://www.EveryOneConnects.net . This portal have everything that you need to Connect, Communicate and collaborate. The portal is so famous and their official Facebook fans have reach 65 000 users. And now in its 1st anniversary, the Everyoneconnects.net website have been enhanced into a new interactive website where fans will be able to interact witin their own communities, send greetings to one another, listen to music, view sporting events and movies as well as participate in more interactive and upcoming events, so good lah this portal, ‘macam macam adaaa’ (everything have ooooo……) .

Among the feature of the newly-enhanced website is, The Stadium, The Jamming Garage, Open House And Sini Maa

The Stadium is designed as sports locker room which fans will be able to access Football showcase news, highlights, interview and video from Manchester United TV. Another feature of the webpage is a game play board that also serves as a chat room for fans.
the stadium

The Jamming Garage emulates aspects of a garage music studio. This studio features “Camp Bunkface”, where fans can get all the information they need about Bunkface, listen to their songs and watch video previews as well as exchange music information, so cool right!
The Jamming

Sini Maa is a playful webpage for movie, this webpage highlights movie trailers and videios available on Hypptv (Unifi) , and Hypp.tv (web Channels) including video clips from Pilih Kasih, the acting reality program sponsored by TM. The webpage also features Movie Buzz, a chat room for film buffs.
Sini Maa

To provide further opportunities for fans to connect, communicate and collaborate, Open House is the perfect place for fans of EveryOneConnects to extend various messages and wishes for birthdays, festivals and celebrations, it is designed to appeal to all Malaysian and features video wishes, a wish board call Spread Some Love, and a selection of personalized e-cards for the user’s selection, you can make a very special type of wishes, using video, wish board or e-card, so convenience!

The EC Hal Of Fame webpage is a walk down memory lane for the activities occurred since everyoneconnects.net first launced in November 2009. In addition to the featured webpages, the World of EveryoneConnects brings out the personalities of EC (everyoneconnects) fans who love music, movies, sports and more as they can select their own personalized avatars as they enter the website. Via their own online avatas, fans can truly connect, communicate and collaborate with each other online in real time, Peehhhhhhhh! So cool ehh this portal, everything also they have.

To commemorate the first year of EC, TM celebrated the occasion with very exciting activities in collaboration with Sony, Universal Music, and other partners. Among the activities were PS3 competitions, ballon busting event, a birthday celebration for EveryoneConnects, and online gaming face-off with pro-gamer ‘Summer’ and a special performance by BunkFace. The event was hosted by Hunny Madu and Ben from Flyfm.

TM also launched its UniFi high speed broadband service new TV Commercial at the event titled “ We Love The UniFi VIP lifestyle”. The commercial features the award-winning indie band – Bunkface, a professional online gamer nick-named ‘Summer’ (a very cute gamer indeed) and Zeffri Yusof and his family, a very happy UniFi customer watching HyppTV via UniFi.

The whole gang celebrating EveryoneConnects.net 1st year birthday

Datuk Seri Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa – CEO of TM with Bunkface and the Professional Online Game – ‘ Summer’

Huge crowd gather in the 1st EveryoneConnects.net Birthday Party

P/S – I wish I can use UniFi at my place here, can’t wait for the service to arrive at my place, superb connection with a lot of things to offer! More info can check out the EveryoneConnects.net portal yaa guys, do leave your comment regarding Everyoneconnects and Unifi