Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Malay Or English

Few of my friend requested me to blog in malay, the reason being is when i blog in english, its look like there is no freedom of writing and all the grammar all tunggang terbalik! so, i what do you guys think? do leave a comment.

as for myself, i prefer to blog in malay, since i'm not that good blogging in english, but anyway, if i blog in malay, i'll translate in english if there any request, can ahh like that? the truth is, i'm not good in blogging at all, but i just use langguage as excuses! heh, can i stop blogging, i feel like i'm dying, really! i'm dying, i'm getting weak and weaker day by day, is it i'm dying or i'm just getting older?


Armetz said...

seems like u have a lot of time to do all that..why don't u write it in english, malay, tamil, chinese, urdu, latin sanskrit and any other language...easy for people around the world to understand... .no need to work aaar?

The Aminos said...

Write and Arabic, so the Taliban also can understand.

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

erk, ya ya, become a multi language blog, haha,