Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Hot!

yeah, i'm hot, its the weather i mean, hehe

u guys know i'm selling cold beverages on last weekend. there was a fishing tournament at my place so i took a chance to sell something to earn money.

this is my stall, selling cold beverages and nasik lemak, just a small tent and a small quantity of goods.

there is a girl, a pretty girl came to my stall to buy a cold beverages, i think she is an outsider, she have this "kl" slang, we chat, then suddently she said " panas lah kat sini (its hot in here), tempat ni memang selalu panas macam ni ka? (is this place always this hot?), i was like, "errrr, ya ya, sini memang panas, (yes yes, its always hot here). ohh gosh, its really a turn off, its malaysia and its hot all year, unless you are in an airconditioned room or car lah. haihhh, what a dumb blonde,

picture above shown is the winning fish lah, 14.6kg in total, the guy who catch this fish is from perak, "ikan Patin"

anyway, this entry is not complete since there is a problem uploading picture, blogspot always giving problem lah, free service, what can we say more, hehe, i'll post up more later. there is a contant ringing/buzzing sound in my head, i dont know why,

- current fav song - little Hannah Montana - Miley Cyrus - The Climb ( i fell like a small kids pulak! haha, the song is about pursuing your dream, be strong, to keep going and pushing on, this song only suitable for the heartbreak, person who feel life is sux in hoping there is a better place/live on the other side of the mountain ie the climb, i like her voice lah, its sound older like an adult. anyone who is happy, filthy rich and success in live, please steer away from this song, get your own song yah!

This is my friend's car, i have to bid him farewell as this 30th is his last day here in Pendang, next month he'll start working at his hometown, KL. so, see you again fren, you are always welcome here in Pendang.

At last i received the Key to my Home Sweet i can save some money from paying for the rented house before and focus on the house installment payment. but now no money yet to shift to this house, have to buy all the furniture and everything, really broke lah this time, anybody want to buy a house? i want to sell this one lah! really! no kidding !

this is the famouse laksa in kedah, laksa telok kecai, its so famous and always packed with people there lah. Location - on the way to kuala kedah, the shop is on your right. you will know once you see the car parking on the roadside.

this is Laksam, abit sour type of laksa with a koeteow look of laksa, the taste? for me its ok laaa, but my MIL make a better laksa lah, hehe, if you want to try my MIL Laksa, you have to book a date first because its limited, :P


The Aminos said...

For your info, this month is the hottest ever since a 10 years back. According to some weatherman the sun is really on top of Malaysia now.

How much u made on that day? kaya already lah, congrats on your new house, can i bonk there sometimes when i lari from ah long?

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

the hottest ever since 10 years? patut laa extremely hot, aiyooo, at night also cannot sleep oooo.

untung about 150 to 200 the most, i only selling small stuff, all the big big seller confirm can collect more, they have everything for sale,

thanks bro, you can lepak at my home anytime, only that i dont have any furniture in my home yet bro, donno when i can move there also, really broke