Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Investment or another failure?

i've planning to do a sales during this weekend at my place. its gonna be a fishing tournament here organised by big company Berita Harian newspaper and Bank Rakyat (local bank). i guessed its gonna draw a big crowd same as what happened at Darul Aman Lake (Jitra) few weeks ago. so i took this opportunity to sell something to gain few ringgit from it. i dont have big capital, only have few cent and also dont know what to sell also. the safest thing to sell i think is iced cold mineral water. since it will not spoil easily and also i can keep it and sell it at other program/event if i didnt manage to sell all this week.

so i did some windows shopping at tesco and giant supermarket to search for the lowest price. the conclusion, tesco selling the lowest price, rm0.48 for 600ml bottle with tesco brand. and i immedietly bought few dozen.

i need few bucks to pay house installment and my road tax nearly expired. so hopefully this time i can get some money lah, cant afford to lose again, die lah if cannot make money this time. also, if you guys know anything i could sell this weekend, do leave a comment, it will be very helpfull.

what i bought last night at tesco


The Aminos said...

it's gonna be very hot!! i would love to drink 100 plus if the weather is damn HOT! maybe you should sell some.

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

ya ya, i would love to have iced cold beverages during hot sunny day, hehe, hopefully can pull off few ringgit this weekend

Riezal said...

bagus tuu bro.. satu lagi aku suggest ko cari twister oren tu.. memang laju abis .. coz aku duk jual depan skolah hahaha.. brapa ko jual air sebotol tu..?

The Aminos said...

try jual roti canai sekali.

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

mineral sebotol singgit ajo, murah murah, hehe