Monday, June 8, 2009

Awesome Bungalow of YTL

Its my fantasy to have a very very big house with swimming pool and jacuzzi and bbq site and everything. why i said its my fantasy? because i know i cant even afford a small tent, duh! i'm gonna share with you a really awesome Bungalow of Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay (YTL) at Damansara Heights. people told me laa, i never see this building there before, i'm not sure its true or not. and guys, if you happen to know whether this building exist or not, do share with us!

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the enterance

front door/lobby

swimming pool

Swimming Pool at night

Dining Area


this one i dont know, master bed room maybe.

some of you might say this Tan Sri sure have big house, of cos! he work hard for it, nothing comes cheap right? i cant sleep for few days when i saw this picture, i keep on getting nightmares! i dont know why!

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The Aminos said...

why in the first pic this bungalow looks very bright and the surroundings houses looks very dark? this bungalow just been newly painted kah?