Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How To Understand Women?

as you guys already know, women is very complicated. really hard to understand women. what they want, what they need, its like a mysterious thing, because when they say something its not really what they mean it. haihhh, i give up to understand women, so i just go with the flow as in "whatever..."

anyway, i would like to share a story, a story that my friend Suthakhar Subramaniam told me, its goes like this.

how to understand women? Let me share a story with you.

There was once a man walking down a beach when he came upon a Magic Lamp, the kind that we hear about in the Aladdin stories. He picked it up and gave it a rub....a genie appeared!

The genie asked him what his wish were...he only got one wish.

The man wished that a bridge to be built to the Mauritious Island, as he had heard that Mauritious has beautiful beaches.
The genie answered it cant be done, as it will unbalance the sea bed, causing diverse global effect etc etc, asked him to wish for something else.

After a long thought the man wished that he could understand WOMEN.

The genie asked him if he wanted 1 lane or 2 lane bridge.

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