Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What To BLOG?

Guys, what to blog? do tell me what topik to blog, what do you guys want to know? i like travelling, eventhough i dont have any money to travel, but i love to talk bout it, its my fantasy, other than that fantasy of course (u know what i mean). also i love foods, who dont like travel and food? other than that, i dont know what to blog already. i dont have anything good on me to blog, my life sux, big time. there is no fun in my life. a really boring story. guys do give a comment to let me know on what u like the most, if no comment, i'll start blog more on travel, food and jokes, and less on my boring life, okie guys,


The Aminos said...

blog about sex please

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

thats the other thing i was talking about, anyway its forbidden, hehe