Friday, May 8, 2009

Selamat Pengantin Baru Jason

28/12/2008 - jasons's wedding day, was held in Cafe Siam, i've attended the wedding ceremony with my wife along with my friend, so happy lahh, meeting old friend, but few cant attend. anyway i would like to share the happiness of the bride and groom,

Cipu, Batmen and Wilson already waited for me at the table,

Jason Mia checking his heart and stomach if he still can fill few glass beer

the food is delicious


more veggy with toa pan i think,


Chicken wrapped in herb

the Groom arrived at our table, ah ong become his bodyguard, yelling "no picture please" wahhhh ini dah macam artis dah ni, haha.

ah mia join us on the table... YammmmmmmSeeennngggggg!

the love bird

ah ong give us a last pose before he got drunk. hehe,

wishing selamat pengantin baru to Jason, wish you live happily ever after

who is next? cant wait to crash a wedding lah! heh heh


Armetz said...

uish...lama dah kawan tuh kawen baru ang nak post...haiyaaaa!!!

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

aku penin nak post apa, aku tibai saja laa, hehehe