Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Melasti Beach and Spa Resort, Bali

Location: Padma Street, Bali (infront of Grand Indah Hotel)
Price: RM190 per night / Deluxe room
Extra: Direct access to Beach,Huge swimming pool, 50% off voucher Melasti Spa

The Lobby , full of "jati"

The Room/ bed

small tv

small room for smoking, veranda alike/function

toilet with bathtub , its kinda old and rusty

Huge pools

this hotel is a traditional/balinese concept hotel. its kinda old. i prefer a modern concept because its fresh and have more/better accessories/item such as big tv and cozy bed. but if you like a balinese concept, this hotel suite you best. it have easy/direct access to beach. have 3 pools, 2 huge and 1 for kids. for your info, bali's beach not suitable for swimming because it have big waves, thats why people prefer to use swimming pool.

**i'll continue later, its hot in this restaurant, they give free internet access but they dont event have a working ceiling fan, darn, its superrr hot i cant even finish this entry, see you guys tomorrow


Loke said...

what a nice resting location!


My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

yup, a nice place it is