Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Noodle Soup"

A guy in a restaurant orders chicken noodle soup.
He starts to eat the soup and chokes on a hair in
the soup. After gagging for a minute, he calls the
waitress. "I'm not paying for this soup. There was
a hair in it."

The waitress and customer get into a bit of an
argument over the problem. The guy ends up
storming out of the restaurant without paying. The
waitress sees the guy go across the street to a
house of ill repute.

The waitress's shift is over in about 15 minutes.
She hurries over to the hooker house and finds out
where the guy is. The waitress crashes into the
room where the guy and lady of the evening are

As she walks in, the waitress sees the guy with his
face in the hooker's business area. The waitress,
seeing this, says, "You wouldn't pay for the chicken
noodle soup because you found hair in it. Now look
where your face is."

The guy, upon pulling his face out of the muff, turns
to the waitress and says, "And if I find a noodle in
there, I will not pay for that either!"

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