Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Singaporean wanted for S$8m Cortina watch theft surrenders

"SINGAPORE: Jerry Ee, the former Cortina employee who made away with some S$8 million worth of watches from the Cortina outlet at Raffles City last December, surrendered at the Singapore embassy in Bangkok on Tuesday." - Source Yahoo News

goshh, what happened to this fella, he curi the watches that worth for S$8 million, and for unknown reason he surrenders. maybe he's very good guy or very not so clever guy lah (actually all thieves end up as dumbass).

If its happened to me lah, let say, hmmm, S$8 million, mmmmm, party all night long for 2-3 month also cannot habis ooo, maybe i'll do a plastic surgery, get a new ID and fingerprint. do a liposuction, new hairstyling-rebonding of cos! get a decent car, a double story house (dont want to attract too much attention if i buy a mansion), a slim and pretty girlfriend, wow, this is endless man! i dont know what to do with that much money since i never think i will get that amount of money in my entire life! well, there goes my fantasy, $8million to spent without feeling guilty, here is that guy picture, well not so smart i can say,


The Aminos said...

He's a total Idiot !! S$8M is like Rm16M here. Maybe he already spent all the money.

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

dumb ass indeed, police recovered 200 watches if im not mistaken, what a looser