Thursday, March 26, 2009

lie lie and lie some more!

well, actually i wanted to blog about other then politics, but hey, i cant stand it when i have waited in fron of the tv until late at night and cheered and hoping there will be a big change for malaysia with this time UMNO election. but to my dissapointment and alot of others dissapointment, the result is not as what we expected and hope. why u might ask, maybe because this is politics, always the person that we dont like, that we think not good enough to be a leader, usually get that position, haihhh. there goes UMNO, i can say for pemuda UMNO they will hard to recruit new young people because majority dislikes Khairy, because he is arrogant and no charisma, people say laahh, not me saying :) , and somemore he's not good looking, haha (hey, what good looking got to do with politics?? hey, this is politics, people can say anything, people can do anything, if they dont like you, they get your naked photo, if they cant get your naked photo, they'll get your children photo's like what happened to nazri, thats politics, i would like to emphasize that "politics is not dirty, the people doing it is dirty" hehe, thats my slogan of the day) anyway, i dont like to write about politics as i hate most of the guys! i've been in their forum, i've been in their was, i've been in their good and bad, hey, its bad from the outside, and its really worst from the inside, i'm writing this just to share my deepest sadness and dissapointment from the result and what happening to UMNO, if there is a guy out there who is willingly and truthfully wanted to make a good change in UMNO, just give me a call, i'll give him my full support in our never ending Journey for a better MALAYSIA!

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Pjan said...

hehehe if you're not somebody and dont have money never try ur luck to make any changes.That old man now seems so happy because he can control everything just like before.Poor Pak Lah.He is second man now not muhyiddin, whatever he said people will obey if not u will be like anwar.hahaha..Alif min nun wau=sarkes