Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Recession-Proof Job

What are the best jobs to have during economic downturn?
Lets discuss:-

Results: Top Recession Proof Jobs

- Nurse
- System Analyst
- Teacher
- Physical therapist

the video about it


The Aminos said...

Nurse would be the best job because many people will get sick when no money to eat and more nurses will be needed. Hahaha

Armetz said...

best job during recession? of coz working wif the doubt bout it...

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

true true, by the way bro, is blogger consider a job? if it is, i want to put it in the list, hihi, i want to be a blogger and get rich while doing it, yey

jeannette stgermain said...

How did you find me? Sorry, but I don't understand one word Malaysian! I was born in Indonesia, but was 5 years old when my parents moved to the Netherlands. Now I live in Los Angeles. Hope you're going to tell me something about yourself in English? cheers, jeannette