Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Journey Begins Now

air asia promo
MAS promo
fireflyz promo

for all you guys out there, i wanted to share something, i'm not sure this is true or not, but hey, who cares!! this is internet, and its full of crap. by the way, now is a good time to plan for a vacation since the price for air tickets and hotels been lowered due to attract more people lah, you know lah all the recession and the economic slowdown and everything, so now people very scared to spend their money and end up many sector have been affected.as of now, the company racing to grab as many customer as their can at their lowest cost to fill their rooms and seats. For people who still have their job and money ( of cos ), now is the right time to plan a vacation at a very low cost. i always do a comparision test for air asia ticket price during their promo, and now is the lowest price they giving out, so guys, hurry grab it while stock last, as for me, no vacation for me for a long time since i still in debt with few big bad a$$ Along.
attached an Air War Fare promo. anyway, i prefer MAS since their cabin crew is more polite and sweet, but hey, who can tahan the air asia tight skirt crew! phew! " I Like!

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