Saturday, March 28, 2009

Penang oh Penang

On Friday, i have a course in penang, so as usual, have to drive to penang to find the place called rumah/istana kedah where the course scheduled. for your info and for readers out there who have never been to penang or never drive car in penang, the experience driving in penang is scary and tiring. the road is tiny (very small like only can fit kancil), they road have three lane but only can use one lane, the middle lane, the left and right lane all full with car parking on both side because they stop to buy keoteow goreng and kueh pow, aiyahh, i tot they stop for emergency or what, what laaa, ganggu orang betul. further to that, the signboard cannot be use at all, the signboard very confusing. the sideboard shows you must turn left to go gurney, but actually, after few junction only need to turn left, there are so many small road lahh, new road laa, too old road that is not in the map lahh, aihh, its a nightmare to drive in penang laa, seriously, somemore when you need to be on time, the road also always jammed, how to be on time, haihh, but, if you going to penang to jalan jalan, that different story laa, jalan jalan bawak awek ka, no problem laa, jammed like hell oso no problem, with awek maaa, sesat or jammed pun no hal, lagi lama lagi bagus, haha. i got a tourguide who is know penang very well lah, he said laahh, not i said, but he also sometimes sesat jugak! haihh, apa punya kaki, busuk punya olang, haha. so, if your are in penang, better get a driver lah, dont drive yourself lah, buang masa saja if want to drive in penang, sakit hai oooo, tapi kalau you jalan jalan kosong saja, nevermind laa, no probem what, tak kejar masa maa, anyway, try to avoid lunch hour and waktu balik kerja, really teruk jammed at that time, better avoid jambatan pulau pinang, you'll get toast in your car sebab sangkut jammed then kena bakar by sun , thats all, i just sharing my complicated driving experience in penang, why lahh penang like this, haihh, better get a driver soon lah, tired of driving, anybody want to be a driver to my SLK? its actually means Small Little Kancil, not Mercedes SLK, dont get it wrong ya, hehehe, chiaow~


The Aminos said...

Go and visit Thye Wan Fitness Centre. You will love it and trust me it has nothing to do with your fitness. RM90 per hour.


My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

waaaa, something to share, where is it located? going back to penang next saturday, join us bro, going for suthakar event, the terengganu donno what