Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hobby, is that really matters?

Talking about myself having a hobby is talking about everything, why? because i'm not sure what is exactly my hobby other than watching tv. i can watch tv from morning till late night, especially movies and discovery channel. my favorite show of cos mythbuster, i'm a big fan of mythbuster, i have their every season/series. i'm not a tech savvy guy, i just love the series because they are darn hillarious. also like watching movies, but astro didnt really suite my taste, HBO is so so laa the movie, but Cinemax, haihh, gred B and C movies laaa, lowest quality movies ever on cable tv, better watch Wonderpet lagi best! hehe, i like wonderpets anyway, dont laugh, its just they are so cute (now i sound like a cute little kid pulak!).
anyway, back to hobby, other than watching tv, i dont know what is my hobby, is it a problem to not know what is your hobby or not having a hobby to be proud of? been thinking, its feels like you are not a perfect man for not having a "good" hobby. you can see people have their hobby and proud doing it. you feel that you are only a half man by not having a hobby. i'm like a "lalang" that doing anything that my friend invite me to do, ie: remote control car, fishing, online games, and so on, but there is none of it that stick as my hobby, haihhh, its make me feel not good enough as a person, is it true? or just my feelings, anyway, if u guys out there that have an easy cheap and great hobby, do list it out and maybe one day it can be my hobby too! i'm a lame guy! i need something to boost me up! daahhhh


The Aminos said...

Thank You Thank You

The Aminos said...

Alamak Silap, Said Thank you in the wrong posts! kekkekek

Armetz said...

hehehehe....weih..jom la join aku kayuh beskal..hobby baaaekk punya...jom laa..