Sunday, October 18, 2009

unable to update picture,

i have few story with picture to share with you guys, but sadly, my laptop having problem with the bluetooth driver. unable to send the picture from my phone to my laptop using bluetooth, some more i dont know where i put the phone's usb cable. dang, i think i need to reformat this old laptop. too much rubbish inside already, make the laptop go slow and sometime crash, haihhh.
after i done with reformatting it, i'll update few story on kids and swimming pool! yeah, thats sound fun!

by the way, i'll be away for sometimes, got courses and job to settle outside office pulak, haihh

20-21/10 - PICC Putrajaya - Portal Workshop
02-03/11 - Majlis Perbandaran Manjung Perak - IT Benchmarking
05-06/11 - Hatyai , thailand - Office Family day
21/11 - Bukit Perak - Mountain Bike Jamboree

i'll be busy this month, so stressed and exausted!


reanaclaire said... many kursus and also family day.. u must be working with the government, right? :)

wenn said...

hv a nice weekend..

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

claire, why u so like that, dont tell other people lah claire, hehe

wenn, have a nice weekend to yaa,

suituapui said...

You can email the photos from your handphone and download from your email address... I used to do that when I was using my hp to take photos...

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

STP- Good solution lah you, thanks ya, i only have hp to take picture,