Sunday, October 25, 2009

Song: a Spot On Obsession 2

On last Monday I did blog about my obsession on a song that I never know who sing it, the only thing I know was the title of the song : Through My Window. I knew the song title from a anonymous comment. He / she told me to check out the song at . I check out the website , it have the song there and also can be download, also the lyrics of the songs.

They put the picture of the singer there, but the picture is kinda blur blur, it’s a band, a 3 person band. I wonder who are they, hmmm….. Guys, check the website out, maybe you can spot who they are. I wonder when they will inform on who is the singer of this song.

When I obsessed on something, I cant stop thinking bout it. I still remember when I was so obsessed with the sunken ship; Titanic, when I saw its movie again last month (been watching it for several time but this time I was so obsessed by it). I googled and wikipedia about Titanic, thanks to Internet its so easy to get the info now then before. The ship is so big and majestic as it was called the unsinkable. There was a lot of myth and fact that I found. Also I found there is more American survivor than Brit because the American struggle and elbowed other people to make way to a outnumbered lifeboats. there are also eyewitness who confirm that he hear the Captain loudly said “ Be a gentleman boys! Be brit!” I was so touched by the story. And there are also a story, a true story about a women, a nurse who survived 3 ship wreck including Titanic if I’m not mistaken, but forgot her name already.

Still remember I was so obsessed with the movie “Public Enemy” a true story acted by Jhonny Depp. I read the story about his life and how his life end. He was shot in his car. The police documented all the evidence and also took picture regarding on that event. The same car was put at a museum somewhere to remember of the event. They have made a good job to documented all the evidence of the event so that story like this can be shared among us and be told to our children. If its not properly documented, it will only be a myth or an urban legend or something people might call it. That is only a few thing that I was obsessed spot on. There was a lot more but better we continue on my new obsession.

I know everytime I was so obsessed about something, there must be a really good and shocking story behind it, that is why I try really hard to know everything about it. But instead, I still don’t have a clue about it. But still, its nice, it make me woke out, move around, asking friends about it, and a friend told me “ It’s get better when its harder to get, the adrenalin pumping and everything”. Is it lame or maybe its true? And so I precede my quest to get the truth. I access the website again. As I said before, there’s the “Through My Window” song ready to be downloaded and also the lyrics as well. The picture of the band is so blur. Apart from that there are banner concert, dancing game, and song mixer.

I also found there are the official page for this event in facebook, friendster and twitter. Here’s the address for all of it

I’m joining all the said above and become a fan of its page. The reason is to know what is it all about. Guys come and join. Together we crack this mystery OK?

Check the official page at

I checked out the page again and only then I know, it is bunkface, now I know, it is bunkface. The band who sand that song is Bunkface, goshhh, now I know

Check it out guys ! don’t miss it :P . who knows they giving present or freebies, i like freebies, to tell you the truth, now i'm using free internet service, someone forgot to encript their wifi connection, hehe, sharing is caring right? heh heh heh


suituapui said...

Bunkface? That's Malaysian band. Titanic?...Eyew!!! Hahahahaha!

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

yeah, its bunkface, malaysian band, titanic? heh heh heh, dont laa like that STP, hehe, anyway, check it out at . alot of things going on there.