Monday, October 19, 2009

Song: a Spot On Obsession on Monday blues

Today is Monday ( I wish its Sunday), the weather is good, the breakfast not bad, (a slice of bread and a “supposed to be half boiled egg but turn to hard boiled egg” is considered not bad lah, better than noting right?) The traffic is just nice because I leave to office darn early but it still unable to keep the Monday blues away, hmmm… what to do? They said laugher is a good medicine, yes? No? But how in earth I can get Jerry Seinfeld or Russell Peters to throw up a few jokes to spice up my Monday morning? That’s not going to happen. My wife also gives “a not so energetic face”, so I think it is better to leave her alone laah, I also don’t have that mood to kacau kacau her in early morning. The DJ on the radio just chatting with not really interesting topic. I guessed I just plug in my MP3, maybe I found some comfort here.

After awhile, you’ll get so bored with the same old mp3 list you have, you sure want to switch on the radio and hope there will be a good and “fresh” song on the radio. Than you start to hop to any channel to searching for a good song to sing along to kill some time and hopefully to start the day without those ugly Monday blues!

Radio station hopping is something normal lah to me. I hopped to every station available. Sometimes you could find a good song from a very unexpected station, that’s why I usually do channel hopping, to search for a good song to sing along “its Karaoke time!”.

It took me awhile and a few channel hopped, until I heard this nice strumming guitar, its hard, its fast, and the song start with this line “I don’t want much, I just want everything” hehe, the lyrics of this song sure got my full attention

Its fast and hard music really spice up your day, it makes your blood pump faster (not too fast or you end up with a heart attack), its sure make you want to move your body to the music and giving a little head banging, watch out those steering though.

The song is kinda Fallout Boy + Green Day plus all the good fast and hard song, I just love it. And out of the sudden I fall in love with the song, its simple, fast, hard and catchy! I wonder which group sing this song. Well usually, the DJ will announce the singer of the song in the end, and to my not lucky day, the DJ didn’t help me at all, he didn’t announce who’s the singer of the song. I though it might be the International singer/group, the song sound so “Fallout Boyish” International like, but local singer/group now as well have created a good song and melody. I wonder who!?

My brain can’t stop thinking about this song, what is the title of this song? Which singer/group owned this song? Suddenly I turned so obsessed to the song. Just like a women turn so obsessed with their shopping and little kids obsessed with their pacifier. It’s like I’m racing with someone trying to get the answer. Who is the singer of this song? What is the title of this song? Did I heard this song before? Somebody have to help my. This is what I called spot on obsession. Something that suppose to be only a song for a sing along, suddenly turn to be a very important subject to be answered to.

My wife didn’t give me any help, she said, that might be Micheal Jackson’s another new song, I’m not really sure on that answer. She still missed MJ, so am I! Rest in peace MJ!

And now, where would I turn for help? I don’t think calling the Radio station would do any help? Would they? Will they help me on this? Or I only need to wait a little bit longer, maybe they play the same song again and announce the name as well, so the waiting begins. I think I don’t have problem hearing again this song on the radio. I bet the radio will play it over and over again because the crowd will love it because of the catchy tune this song have. I guessed I will not have a problem to wait for the song to be played again.

In the office, I multitask between doing my work and radio hopping (my boss always stress on multitask, and today I did it, my boss must be really proud of me, hehe. I waited and waited, actually not that long and the song was aired again, but to my disappointment, the DJ didn’t announce who is the singer. Is this a big conspiracy to mess with me or what? I really need help on this. I really need help from the best thing on the world, no no, not the Superman or your friendly Neighborhood the Spiderman, it’s actually one of the best search engine in the World, its Google. Yeap Google does help you searching for anything in this planet, try type your name in there and you might got shock from the results. My female friend once said, he might name her son Google because she is so in love with Google and this is the true story, but I don’t think she would really do that anyway.

I try to “Googled” it by using the lyrics “I don’t want much, I just want everything” and Mr Google here give all the funny funny result other than the result I wanted. It gave me all the site they have in the internet (yes including that one, yes that one, the one you were thinking), try and Google it, u know what I mean.

And so, what else do I have to do? Yes last resort, get help from my fellow Blogger. And here I really need my fellow blogger help, if you did listening to radio, and happened to hear the song that started with “I don’t want much, I just want everything” that’s the song I was looking for, please tell me what’s the title of the song. It’s a good song, why not we share with the rest of the world, “sharing is caring” some more like what my fellow blogger Claire did said “sharing is not only caring” it must be more than that right?

So please listen to the radio and don’t missed out the catchy song, once you got the title and singer, please don’t hesitate to share with the rest of the world, I guessed I’m not the only one looking for it. 


The Aminos said...

forget google, try `bomoh', maybe u can get the answer.

suituapui said...

Sure you got the lyrics right? Otherwise, should be able to locate using Google...

Anonymous said...

There's alot of buzz about it on twitter too.

wenn said...

sometimes it's frustrating when u love the song so much but can't get the singer's name..