Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do you want to be famous?

Would you like to become an artist? Have you ever dream to sing and be famous? I found a way and I’ll share it with you all. There is a portal . this portal give you a chance to become an artist or at least try your best to impersonate / become an artist. All you have to do is to sing your version of “Through My Window” song from Bunkface. Record it and upload your self recorded video through the website and that is all. The best video will be chosen to run on online portals. So easy to become famous. Everybody can try, even I myself want to try it lah. Before that I have to learn how to dance so I do not look like our friend who sang “she bang, she bang” in a reality show last few years. But even though he did not do very well in singing and dancing, but still, he now become famous already, everybody remember him, at that time lah, now no more already, I also didn’t remember what his name oh, its William Hung. I like when he said, “ I don’t have any professional training” I guessed he is really talented in his own way. Keep it up William Hung.

William Hung singing "She Bang"

William Hung again singing "She Bang" after he's famous

This is my chance to try to be a superstar. As I read in the website, there will also be a “Banner Concert” as they called it. Band or contestant can come for Banner Concert Audition to sing your version of “Through My Window” song from Bunkface. It’s the same thing like the above, only this time you do it live in front of the audience, the singer himself and also the judges. For more info you can visit . But today I’m so so free so I just list it here as well as below.

Location: The Orange Entrance Area - Sunway Pyramid

Dates: 31st October and 1st November

Time: 12 - 6 PM

Cruisers will be there too

There will also be Celebrities sang their version of "Through My Window". Famous celebrities :






I think that day everything is all about "Through My Window" song.

The auditions will be filter by famous judges they said. But they didn’t said who it is, I wonder will it be Paul or Simon perhaps? I’m gonna be there, please don’t “boo” me when I’m singing on the stage please. Hehe. Be there or be square!

I’m gonna leave you with this song "Through My Window" , I like this advertisement, its so romantic and dramatic, especially when the little paperman stuck in the middle when he try to cross the building. I like It, its so creative.


reanaclaire said...

yes..william.. haha.. i remember him.. after that, he acted in a hongkong movie.. wow.. he really got himself famous.. but now of course, die down already.. he is cute!

Chloe Ling said...

Jaown!!!! Go for it !!!! You can do it !!! Who knows you might win the contest and get famous after that!! wohhoo!!