Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Women and Perfume

Perfume, we use it daily in our ordinary life, be it talcum powder, Deoderant,anti-perspirant sticks, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, the purpose is the same, to make you smell good and fresh. but there is an added feature that called smell like rich fella ! to shorthen it, use branded and overpriced perfume instead of cheap perfume. well, to relate the story of women and perfume, my wife ran out of her perfume the Hugo xx for women and wanted me to belanja her a branded perfume that i suggested to her which is Burberry London Classic, (the smell is so nice i loike it very much when ladies use it, it bring back the memories, well you know....)

ok, i'm a poor guy lah, this year i tell you guys, i'm so poor i cant afford to buy new clothes for hari raya, so, not to dissapointed my lovely wife, i have to find a way to buy her this perfume so that she can use it for hari raya celebration. well, women you know lah, women need to show off abit during this raya raya time, so as a loving husband i am, i need to show some effort lah.
below is the picture of the said perfume, and the price, hmmmm, i know most of you can afford it, but not me, i'm totally bankrupt this year, dont come and ask for duit raya for me ya!

this is the tester bottle that i sprayed to me wife at a perfume store at KLIA, note the list of smell

the price, rm223.00 , where can i get that much money just to spend on the perfume?

well, ok, i'm a cheap perfume seller, the One Drop Perfume, but there is no Burberry London Classic in the list, if not, i'm surely very happy lah, just cost me a few ringgit only, heee,

so, my journey begin to find a way to get her the desired perfume!

days go by, weeks by weeks, month by month, at last, i found a way to at last to belanja her the dream desired perfume, here it is!

the same Burberry London Classic, original, imported from korea, and its just RM25, wahhh wahhh, so happy lah, i really save alot this time, and my wife sure very happy to receive this perfume.

you guys must be asking whether this is an original perfume or fake one since its just rm25, well, i tell you guys, look at the picture below that you'll now why its so cheap

this is surely an original perfume, because its only a miniature perfume,actually its still expensive at rm25 for that tiny little bottle, 4.5ml, but at least my wife can use it and that all what i can afford, hehe

in addition to that, i also bought myself a perfume myself, a Beckam signature perfume vial for only rm10, its cheap right, as long as can use for this hari raya, consider ok lah, after that we just use the cheap One Drop Perfume lah, hehe

P/S : anybody want to buy this cheap miniature perfume, or One Drop Perfume, can contact me ya, hehe, selling cheap cheap.

P/S to wife: can upfront me rm25 or not, no money to put petrol, salary belum masuk, die laa, hope you reading this my dear wife, hehehe

My Fantasy: If im a rich fella, i'll buy you a pool of perfume so that we can swim toghether and stay fresh for eternity.

My Reality: Sadly... i dont event have money to put petrol, how the hell am i going to buy you a pool of perfume just to bath with it, huhu, can borrow first aa?


Anonymous said...

really smell nice ka?

suituapui said...

I always use fragrances - so big, fat and ugly so sekurang2nya...at least, I smell nice bah!!! Getting to be VERY expensive - all over RM200...but my missus will buy - birthday, Xmas, Valentine, Father's Day....so I do not have to buy liao! LOL!!!

8th today - pension masuk bank already! Not pay day yet kah? You need a loan? Can contact Suituapui Ah Long Pte Ltd..... Hahahahahahaha!

wenn said...

so nice of u to buy yr wife the perfume..

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

Anon - really smell nice, very different smell, you should try it

STP- i also BFT (Big Fat and Ugly) that's why need more fragrances, hehe, lucky you lah, your missus bought for you,
you retired kah? wahhh, syoknyaaa, i still have about 30 years only baru boleh retired,haihh, you jadi ahlong already ka? thanks but no thanks, i need my hand, tamau kena potong! hehehe

Wenn, once in a while i "have" too! hehe