Friday, September 4, 2009

Food Food Food

On Merdeka Day, i went back to my parent house in Sungai Petani to buka puasa together gether lah, so happy since this is the first time in this year that i can buka puasa together with my parent. my lovely wife do all the cooking so that my mom can rilex rilex for while her menantu can show of some cooking skill, heheh.

this is what we had for buka puasa, very sedap laaa, my wife really a good cooker, thats why my stomach become bigger each day. not my fault what! she's the one cook a good food.
the menu:
Ikan Kerapu masak sweet sour
Gulai Siam
Sayur campur (green veggy + oyster mushroom + carrot + etc)
rendang ayam (my mom cook it)

a closer look at what we had that day

ikan kerapu sweet sour

Gulai Siam

and my mom cook a home made Kueh called "cara"
its a puree of pandan leaves mix with some flour and they put sugar inside it, really sedappp, my favourite, thanks Mom!

thats is what we hade our buka puasa at my parent house on merdeka day.

picture above is what we had for our buka puasa yesterday at my MIL house.

kerabu mangga
kari ikan keli
ikan keli goreng cili
salted egg
sayur kangkung
ulam and sambal


so, for this whole month of ramadhan, i'll just update on menu of what i had for buka puasa daily, yummy, next week i'll update on dinner i had with my brother at Sheraton subang, stay tune guys


wenn said...

selamat berpuasa!

reanaclaire said...

Greetings from IPOH.. Selamat Berbuka Puasa!

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

thanks Wenn and Reanclaire

The Aminos said...

You got puasa ker?? Hard to believe lah.

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

the aminos, i have to! hehehe