Monday, June 7, 2010

I have a problem!! Thank God I have found the solution! TM Italk Whoa

I have a problem, and really like to share with you guys. The story is like this lah.

My cousin continue his study in United Kingdom, this not yet a problem, this is a good thing lah, but the problem come when my uncle need to contact his son overseas. Because of that, my uncle gave me a task to find a very good solution to overcome this issue, well here goes!

To use IDD (International Direct Dial) is very costly. Because of that I need to find another solution, to use Internet application as a solution, well here goes, I’ll list all the pro and cons of Internet application and if there any good solution? You want to know if there any good solution? then you have to read till the end.

First, they have a text base messaging system such as MIRC, Facebook chat and few other chat applications. All you need is the computer connected to the internet; the other party also need pc and internet connection in order to interact to each other. But that is it, no voice or video conference, just a normal text messaging application, boring huh?

Second, instant messaging such as Yahoo Messenger or for short is YM. YM is a very good instant messaging device; it is a real time communication thru internet. You can chat/text message, voice chat or you can do a video conference, which is a big plus. What you need is a computer equips with web camera and Internet connection, and the other party have to have the same thing as well, a computer equip with web camera and internet connection. It is a very good internet application indeed, but the problem is, the other party need the equipment as well such as pc equip with web cam and internet connection and they need to be online at the same time. for info, there is a big time different between Malaysia and UK, also a big problem is my cousin only been there like 2 weeks and he didn’t event have a pc yet, how to get connected? Haihhh here come the 3rd solution.

Skype! Ever hear about it? Skype is software that enables the world's conversations. Individuals and businesses can use Skype to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other Skype users. Everyday, people also use Skype to make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles. But how low is it? for your info it’s USD 2.1 per minute to UK, wow that is errrr, quite hefty.

Anyway, to cut it short, here come the solution to my task it’s called Italk Whoa! You can view it at

To put it in a simple word – it is and application/ web portal that enable you to call to mobile or landline overseas (this portal also have other function – read more ) with the lowest call rate. Example – call rate to UK is charged at RM0.14 per minute for landline and RM0.77 per minute for mobile. That is really cheap bro! also here some question –If a user is overseas and wanna use the iTalkwhoa is it possible? What are the charges like? This is a portal service, regardless where ever you are from; the rates are applicable as it will be in the list here . User can by the Italk Whoa credit from maybank 2u or many other places as listed here . Apart from that, this is an online portal that enables people to check their email, tweet, sms, call and all from one website. What you need to do is check out the portal at and can share with me on your experience.

Back to my uncle’s story, my uncle is so happy and he promised me to treat me dinner for the whole week! still waiting for it though :P

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