Monday, August 10, 2009

What a Lovely Sunday

Sunday, supposed to be public holiday, but at northern site of malaysia, its a working day. so as usual, went to work from 8 to 5, there is nothing happening while i'm working, nothing to talk about. i wanted to blog about what so special on sunday in my life, there is nothing special on sunday, i need to go to work early, and after working hour, there is no activities to be done except being at home and watching television. its a maraton from 5:30 until late at night, i'm gonna list the tv programme and i would like to tell all of you, please come and save me from this madness.
anyway, here the list,

from 5.30 until 6.30
Channel 8 -
programme : Guess Guess Guess
i like this chinnese talk show cum game show, very funny and lively, the male host was very slumber

6:30 to 7:00
Channel 8 -
Programmer: Ho Chak!
this program all about food food food,
(at the same time at NTV7 there also a good programme called " my first million" this is a really good programme about ppl start their business from below and earn their first million dollar, basically i was channel hopping from channel 8 to ntv7.

7:00 to 7:30
Channel 3
Programme: Masquarade
this is a really good japannese programme, love it, it give the freedom to them to express and creativity were superb! try watch this!

8:00 - 9:00
Buletin Utama channel 3
News of course, my chances to watch news on tv is like 3 times in a weeks, the rest was conquerd by MIL, haihh

11:00 to 11:30
Channel 8
The Shot
this is a reallity programmer about a photographer, they challage each other to become a profesional photographer to win a USD100K and to win contract with Victoria Secret as a photographer, good show laa this one, love it so much, but actually last night is the last episod, Maria win the grand prize, eventhough her picture not as good as dean, but her connection and interaction with the model build the models trust thus bring a more lively image, and thats is it

thats the list of programme that i watch and what i do on sunday, clearly i have no life at all! i'm turning to couch potato / zombie just watching tv, please somebody save me! take me out from this whole, i want to break free, ! hehe, emo jap! anyway, if you guys do have any suggestion or any activities you want to invite me, please do so, i'm bored with my life, i'm not like this previously, i was a wild and free until i'm married. married is not a bad thing, its just it changed me alot! haihh, anyway, what did you guys do on sunday!?


dekja78 said...

Joe, For god sake..take out your sport shoes and go to gim/jog...hehehe..what u need is a baby to make u fully what are u waiting for...go and make a baby..then you will know thr meaning of your life..hihihihi..

The Aminos said...

dekja, not that he doesnt want a baby, he just can't make babies at the moment, dont la blame him.

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

The aminos, that is mean, hehe,
dekja, i'm still trying to get a baby, also its not that i dont want to go to gym, its just that there is no gymnasium here, what to do, not my fault right, heeee

reanaclaire said...

my girl also loves the 8tv..guess guess guess.. she never misses that show.. :)

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

i love it too, with slogan " wa chai, wa chai, wa chai chai chai" or something like that, this is what i usually do and dont miss on sunday,

Hugo Lim said...

haha i love the matrix ping pong!

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

Hugo, the matrix ping pong really superb lah, this japs fella really creative in what they doing