Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Fat Head"

A guy walks into an ice-cream shop with his wife
and his son. He says, "I'll have a chocolate cone."

The wife says, "I'll have a vanilla cone."

Then he slaps his son in the back of the head and
says, "What do you want, fat head?"

The lady behind the counter says, "Why'd did you
smack him and call him fat head?"

The husband says, "There are three things in life
a man wants. The first thing is a nice big truck.
You see that nice big truck sitting out there?
That's mine.

The second thing a man wants in life is a nice big
house. You seen that nice big house on top of the
hill on the edge of town? That's mine.

The third thing a man wants in life is a nice tight
pu$$y. And I had that, until fat head came along."


reanaclaire said...

oh, i cannot get the meaning.. the father is indeed rude.. :)

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

hehe, he is rude indeed! hehe