Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is what we called a really good event

Anybody have a good thing to share? I do! I had a wonderful day and full of fun. I want to share with you guys of the event I went on last Saturday at Sungei Wang Plaza / Bintang Walk. I think this event was held purely just to entertain people. There were a lot of celebrity doing live performance. Such as:



Sheila OIAM

Dafi,Mila and afiq


And few other popular celebrities.

The DJ for that day is Anne from Hot FM, its her new hairstyle, no wonder she look so cute!!! I loike! Muachss!

Also the Hit.FM DJ – JJ and Eian

There were also karaoke booths. It was especially for anybody who want to karaoke the “through my window” song.

Online dancing game

Microphone Man

Also a very interesting performance by kl stomper (if I’m not mistaken) it is like the stop the yard movie. They use all sort of tools and equipment such as empty bottle, a broom, dustbin and everything. I was so shock that they can create a very nice music from the ordinary household equipment. This is something really new and some more live!
Here is their performance

The event was successfully held and I really really wish they will bring a lot of event like that again in future. Thank you all! It was a great event to crash!

the crowd!

The Microphone Man!!


reanaclaire said...

hi have u been.. looks like real fun there.. street party in bukit bintang? rhanks for sharing.. wouldnt know about this if u didnt post them here.. :)

wenn said...

that's fun..

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

reanaclaire : yeap street party in bukit bintang, happening woooo

wenn : fun indeed :)

SJ said...

great shots

A smile from SJ =)