Monday, November 9, 2009

I need to connect "Through My Window"

X’mas still a month away. I need something to do lah, very boring. I need an activity, a party perhaps! Searching and asking friends about any happening event coming our way or not. Impossible there is no event at all right. As long as the event have loud and nice song, great emcee, cool DJ, a lot of activities, then that party is worth to crash right!

My friend informed me that there will be a huge event waiting for us just around the corner. This huge event will be held at Sungai Wang Main Enterance on 21st November. I’m not sure what event is this but you can check all the info at . As stated in the website there will be a bunch of artist there as well as whole lot of activities. Don’t worry guys, I know you are bit lazy to check right, but don’t worry, I’ll list all the artist and the activities here in my blog, the least thing you can do is read this entry until the end and belanja me teh tarik ya!

Ok, I tell you what activities waiting for us there, as stated in the website, there will be sing along karaoke, yeahhh. Who think they got sweet nice voice, can give it a try, if not, please don’t try karaoke, we don’t want to party in the rain (if you know what I mean). Also who know maybe there are producer who looking for a new band or singer. Its worth a try and there will also be a group karaoke as well.

On that day also will be the Final stage for Super Virtual Dance Tournament. This virtual dance tournament has been going on all around Malaysia from 24 October 2009 at the selected Cyber Café. You can check the list of the Cyber Café @ everyoneconnect

Also there will be a stage performance by our own favourite artist. List as below








Wahhh, so many things to do there, so happening. I will definitely be there lah, no doubt bout it. I’ll see you guys there, for more info bout it, you can check out at .

I leave you guys with this cool music video. it’s the same Bunkface “Through My Windows” but its their version of it, sang by Tomok, Shila and group of mila, dafi and akim, check it out guys. personally i like Shila, her voice and her move look so chicky! hehe


wenn said...

nice video and song..

Anonymous said...

shila so cutE

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