Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I need to Connect!

What to do on weekend? What to do when you don’t have any plan in your head? Very boring lah. All my friend busy with work, so cannot kacau kacau them lah, instead I must create my own plan, a very good and sudden plan. What else to do other then go eat eat or watch movie or maybe do both? Yeap, that is exactly what I have in mind. Let us watch movie to kill some time. I’m really interested in watching 2012 – this is said the movie of the year. You know why? Because of the special effect used it this film was said at its best they said, and the most talked of all is the story of Mayan tribe that forecast on worlds doomsday. Scary huh? Wait until you watch that movie, then only you know what the meaning of it. Pure adrenalin lah.

Anyway, that is not what I want to blog about, the movie is superb yes it is, but there is something going on, something happened before the movie even started. At first its freak me out. Yeah, who didn’t freak out when everyone in the cinema suddenly stand up. I thought the Armageddon is here or what, but lucky its not :P. actually every body stand up and sing the famous, hot and catchy song this year I must say. Through my windows of cos. It is the advertisement before the movie start. Everyone stand up and sing to the song, this is totally a flash mob.

Everyone stand up and sang the song

The paper boy on the big screen. You look so cute!

It comes with lyrics, just like a karaoke session, yeah a session of hundred in one time, so happy!

See!, everybody was so happy and enjoy it very much no race barrier at all, really 1 Malaysia lah! Hehe, we should do this really often, yeah, really!

Like the words on the screen. It is so true that “connection make anything possible” we need “connection” to get a job, or doing business or just about anything we need to connect people, we need to connect!

If you want to connect more, do check out the website,

By the way, for your SPM student, I don’t think there is any soalan bocor SPM there, hee hee. Good luck to you all!

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