Thursday, June 16, 2011

a new star is born - Samsung Galaxy S 2

the long awaited samsung galaxy s II will reach to our shore very soon.powered with dual core processor, Samsung Galaxy S II is the best phone to own (people said lah). its equipped with Super AMOLED Plus Display - meaning, the display used LED technol, which is last longer, and energy efficient, sharp and vibrant display. This phone also used all the latest technology, such as multi touch input, Full HD 1080 recording, Swype technology keyboard input and so on, you can check the full spec here
the price of the phone is yet to be announced here in malaysia, its said to be launch by the end of June this year. Maxis telco announced that they offer the phone with attractive package, but the price is not yet confirm.

you can take a peek at Maxis Samsung Galaxy s Promo Here

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