Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Saviour Is Here – At Last!

Now is IT era, everything done through online. Email, Instant Messaging, Social Application like Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Tagged and many more. After all the social network application subscription and all the hassle in subscription, frankly speaking, how many email account you have? How many IM (instant Messaging) account you have? Its really a problem to remember all the account and check it regularly right? Sometimes you just forgot about it.

Don’t you wish there is software out there that can combine all you email into one login account? And even better if that said account can forward that email to you mobile phone and the best things is, it forwarded in sms format so that any type of mobile phone, be it you are using I Phone or just cheap no java, no internet explorer just a normal nokia 3310 or lower , but you still able to retrieve your email. Isn’t that good? No no, that is superb I tell you!

That is only one of many superb functions that it have. Did I catch your attention now? I want to share with you something so cool! So great! That I am drooling and up till now still collecting more and more information on what it has. First I want to share with you guys it is a portal called ITalk Whoa! Check it out at .

This is the portal I mention about the “ITalk Whoa! “

This website have tonne of new things and very innovative. Below I list a few of what it have:

• a) Webmail – this email integrated with other major email, meaning you can combine all your Yahoo! Email, your MSN email, your Gmail into one account. No more hassle to check several email account daily. It works with IMAP, POP3, Exchange Servers and other standard protocols. The RSS option allow users to have a quick update on favourite news/ movies/ etc.

• b) Push eMail – Enable email to be push to mobile @ Real-time true push of emails & attachments

• c) Calendar & Task - Provides powerful features that help users in organizing appointment, events, scheduling and tasks, amongst others . Unique features with the added advantage of being a full web-based application. Capability to assign calendar information and create tasks to be shared with other users within their desktop or mobile workspace

• d) Instant Messaging (IM) - Enable multiple Chat servers integrate into one IM Chat, meaning all your Yahoo Messaging (YM) or other like Google Talk, MSN and other can combine into one client, that’s neat! Capable of Desktop-Desktop, Desktop-Mobile collaboration, that’s superb!

• e) Voice Call - Enable users to communicate from PC with the lowest calling rate, yes it is at THE LOWEST CALLING RATE. If you don’t believe me, just check it out yourself bro! now you can call that kinky oversea friend, hoha!

• f) Web SMS - Enable users to send web sms from portal , YES! Users can send sms to any phone (local mobile/international mobile/fixed sms)

• g) Synchronization - Provides synchronization of data between desktop applications, mobile devices and vice-versa includes emails, contacts, calendar, notes, to-do lists, messages

• h) Social Networking Stream - Seamless ITalk Whoa! integration with the most popular business & social networking services as a Single point to access to all networks

that is just a few of what I have read about, they must be more of what it can offer but I’m too tired to read it all. Anyway, when you need to link all you account into one account, they usually a security awareness regarding your account right? Scare not! This website is full of security feature like
- Digital Certificates for establishing Network connection using Secure Sockets
- Layer (SSL) Protocol with end-point security management
- Stored data accessible by all users within or across security domains
- Full anti-virus, anti-spam controls
- Support: AES encryption
- Support: Application Certificates
- Support: Active Directory & Group Policy with role-based administration
- Support: Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) encryption

I don’t know half of the security protocols listed above, but its sound promising. 

I have listed everything up front, I guess nobody want to read entry this long, so to put it in short I give you guys a little conclusion:

ITalk Whoa is a Unified Messaging and Convergence platform providing single-point-access to Messaging & Collaboration systems. iTalk Whoa provides and interface that enables users to synchronize all the email accounts, social networking sites to enable them to connect, communicate and collaborate with their families and friends.

You can email, SMS, make calls, connect with instant messaging and even read your favorite news through just one portal.

Well guys , Connect, Communicate and Collaborate with iTalk Whoa!

P/S : Guys, if you have any question regarding the iTalk Whoa! You can post your question here so that we can find the answer together gether, also if you found any function or application that is not stated above, do share with all of us here. Sharing Is Caring Bro! Spread the Love! yeah


reanaclaire said...

I heard of this in Cleff's blog.. ok, going to check this out now.. sounds good to me!

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Huish!!! u updated ur blog!!!